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Below is a list of clients that have hired Anthony Robles. Become one the many satisfied companies that have had the privilage of hearing Anthony speak. Call Anthony's booking agent today!

LA Dodgers

I learned from Anthony that he believes anything is possible and he proved it. His parents told him to dream big and you can accomplish anything. It's great when you hear him talk because just like our players, he has the same mentality - they believe in themselves, they work hard and they won't be denied. What he says carries over to individual guys and that carries over to the team.

He is a true inspiration for all of us and we were honored to have him talk to the team.

-Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly

We enjoyed having Anthony Robles visit BYU-Idaho campus for the Business and Comunication Summit. Anthony was a popular speaker in a variety of classroom settings. Our students love him.

Robyn Bergstrom, PhD
Dean, College of Business and Communication
Brigham Young University-Idaho
He is a man that I admire and want to become. He is a great example to all people and it is amazing how fame and popularity hasn't affected his faith and his integrity.
Justin Aquino, student
Brigham Young University-Idaho
There are not a lot of role models like him in today's world. He's a breath of fresh air to a public seeking a positive role model to look up to.
Loni Nock, student
Brigham Young University-Idaho

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Tom Ferry